Could Stocksbridge make all the energy it consumes in 2050?

The way we produce and consume energy is changing. The prices keep rising, fossil fuels are running out. At the same time solar panels and wind turbines are becoming more common, no longer the oddities they were just ten years ago. Other renewable energy technologies are being developed too. These changes may seem to be happening far away, but they have consequences for how we will live right here in the near future. In some parts of the world, already now people live without grid electricity. In this world of changing energy consumption and production, do you ever wonder what Stocksbridge may look like forty years from now, in 2050?

If you are interested in talking about and exploring the future of Stocksbridge and energy, pop by the Stocksbridge Library on Saturday 1st September, between 9:30 am and 1 pm. A group of university researchers from Sheffield and Durham universities has put together an interactive exhibition about the future of energy in Stocksbridge. You can have a look at an impressive model of Stocksbridge as a fully sustainable energy community, making all the power it needs in 2050. You can learn about how solar panels work by playing with an interactive model of a solar powered house. Or you can calculate your own energy spend, and learn about how much energy can be generated in Stocksbridge from renewable sources.

This exhibition is not just about looking, it’s about talking! The researchers would like to hear your ideas about energy in Stocksbridge in 2050. The exhibition is part of a university project is concerned with energy technologies of the future. The researchers are interested in hearing how residents of Stocksbridge imagine their neighbourhoods forty years from now, so that they can inform the scientific community what future research into renewable energy generation could look like according to the public.

Make an impact on the future. Come to the Stocksbridge Library on the 1st September!

Visit the project webpage here:

Solar energy for future societies


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